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B12V-1200 KIT


Two powerful rechargeable 12 volt Lithium-ion batteries with a microprocessor inside. These batteries can optionally be used for our T-12 heated gloves and XR-12 heated gloves. These batteries can be stored in the cuff of the gloves and are ideal for commuters.

Both batteries have a built-in temperature controller with 3 different settings. Red is 100% heat output, Orange is 66% heat output and yellow is 33% heat ouput. A LED-indicator shows how much power is left in the battery.

Each battery is guaranteed for 500 charging cycles and a dual charger is also included in the B12V-1400KIT. The output of the B12V-1200 battery or the B12V-1900 battery is 11,1 volt. A good conditioned motorcycle battery will give you 13.8 Volt when the engine is running. This means that the heated gloves in this red section will be warmer on a running motorcycle connected with a battery hook-up than connected to the portable batteries.

Sometimes customer asks us why the runtime of the 7volt heated gloves are longer than the batteries of the 12 volt heated gloves. The answer to that is simple. Because the 12 volt battery must be able to power a 12 volt glove, there can be put less amps into a hybrid battery for the hybrid heated gloves. The B12V-1200 battery has a capacaty of 1200 mah (or 1.2 Amps) where the B7V-2500 have a capacaty of 2500 mah (or 2,5 Amps).

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