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B7V-3400 KIT


The B7V-3400 battery is a powerful rechargeable battery with a built-in temperature controller with 4 different modes (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%) and LED indicator that shows how full the battery is. The BCG-650 dual charger charges the battery in about 6 hours and can be recharged hundreds of times. The B7V-3400 battery can be used for all our 7 volt products.

It is also possible to buy the 7 volt batteries and charger seperately. It might be very handy if you have some extra batteries in case for a longer stay outdoors without the possibility of recharging the batteries every day. You can use our 7 volt batteries when they are fully charged, for about 2.5 till 8 hours. This depends on the temperature setting. The lower the temperature setting, the longer they will last. Also the weather is very important in regards to the duration of the battery. If the weather gets colder you have the recharge the batteries sooner.

The Gerbing 7 volt batteries cannot be connected to any of our 12 volt products. For our 12 volt (red) collection we have three other types of batteries.

The better you take care of the batteries the longer they will last. It is very important that when you are not using the batteries, you at least charge then once a month.

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