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T-12 heated gloves

Gerbing’s European patent pending and revolutionairy new Microwire® heated gloves. The best of two worlds. If you’re cruising for hours, just connect these heated gloves the usual way, with Gerbing’s battery hook-up. Just riding for an hour? Plug in the small portable batteries. Comfortable heated gloves made with an exceptionally soft and supple drum-dyed premium full analine leather that contours to the hand. The design is sleek, stylish and very functional as a light, but strong and pliable glove which will give the touring rider the best possible heated glove in the world.

If you want a more sporty looking glove you may like the XR-12 heated gloves. The other type of heated gloves from the 12 volt line is the G-12 which have a short cuff to put it under your motorcycle jacket. Because of the use of Stainless Steel Microwire® heating, it is the most durable glove in the world! The T-12 heated gloves heats the entire length of each finger, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand within seconds after plugging in. The T-12 heated gloves are from the hybrid heating line of heated gloves, which means the small B12V-1200/1900 batteries can be stored in the cuff of the heated glove if you choose for not being connected to the vehicles battery.

A small plastic window will give you the possibility to read the heat output of the battery. The battery have 3 heat settings which will give you autonomeous heat for up till 3 hours. When connected to the bikes battery, it will give you unlimited heat.

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