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XRS-12 heated gloves


These fantastic XRS-12 heatable gloves follow the recipe for success of the XR12 short-cuff heated gloves. Since the cuff has been shortened to customer requirements, it is now possible to purchase the award-winning XR-12 heatable gloves with a short cuff. The XRS-12 heated gloves are a copy of the XR-12 heatable gloves with a shorter sleeve without battery compartment.

With the patented Microwire heating system in every heated glove with 3.5 meters / glove you will never have to freeze again. The Microwire heating elements are installed in specific areas of the gloves to maintain our concentration and safety. The entire back of the hand and each finger to the fingertip are warmed to withstand the strongest headwind. The XRS-12 heated gloves keep you warm as long as the tour lasts, no matter what the weather conditions! In rain and strong wind, the XR-12 heated gloves – thanks to the integrated insulation and the Hypora membrane all around. Always drive safely and comfortably.

Gerbing’s innovative and revolutionairy European patent pending new Microwire® heated gloves. The best of two worlds. If you’re cruising for hours, just connect these gloves the usual way, with Gerbing’s battery hook-up. Just riding for an hour? Plug in the small portable batteries.

An extremely comfortable and safe glove made with an exceptionally soft and supple drum-dyed 0.6 mm premium full analine leather that contours to the hand. The design is sleek, very modern, stylish and very functional as a light, but strong and sporty looking pair of heated gloves.

Because of the use of Microwire® Heat, it are the most durable heated gloves in the world! Don’t look further: the XR-12 is an award winning motorcycle glove, with extra protection on the knuckle for not only a sexy look, but also extra safety.

The B12V-1200/1900 hybrid batteries can be stored in the cuff of the heated gloves, if you choose for using the heated gloves for just a short amount of time. On the lowest setting it will give you 3 hours of heat. But when you connect it to the battery hook up, which comes with the XR-12 heated gloves, you can drive for hours and hours.

Like all of our 12 Volt gloves, XR-12 heated gloves can easily be connected to the Gerbing heated jacket, which have the glove plugs coming out of the sleeves.

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